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SSN: ServerSideNews

SSN: ServerSideNews

Posted Jul 15, 2012 23:32 UTC (Sun) by man_ls (guest, #15091)
In reply to: SSN: ServerSideNews by KotH
Parent article: Updates and an announcement from LWN

I assume you meant "a webserver implented in a language meant to be run by a web browser".

Oh, I don't know if the original purpose of a language is really significant. Java was initially pushed also as a client-side technology (remember the infamous applets?). Perl was initially a scripting language, meant as a replacement for Bash. Lisp was designed as a language to make mathematical computations, and used for artificial intelligence. Python was designed for learning. Ruby was also created as a scripting language. All of these have been used successfully in web servers.

Besides, I think this retooling is kind of cool. When I first saw your message I misread:

and using it for production is kind of.. slick....?"
I don't know about node.js, but the MongoDB console (in JavaScript) is easy to use; JavaScript really shines there, better than in a browser. Nasty browser implementations aside, there is a reason why JavaScript is taking the world by storm.

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SSN: ServerSideNews

Posted Jul 17, 2012 15:40 UTC (Tue) by Baylink (guest, #755) [Link]

I believe the implication is "well, this will be interactive, and not doing too much, so we don't need to be too concerned about efficiency in the implementations that the design will imply."

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