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A survey of Linux audio plugins

A survey of Linux audio plugins

Posted Jul 12, 2012 21:38 UTC (Thu) by StudioDave (guest, #84346)
In reply to: A survey of Linux audio plugins by jtc
Parent article: A survey of Linux audio plugins

I decided that I really didn't know enough about the topic, so I asked my friend Alex Stone to address the issue of a Linux-based composer using high-quality commercially-available sample libraries. I admit that I was surprised by his response, but as far as I can tell it's simply the plain unvarnished truth: If you need Kontakt-formatted sample libs you're just out of luck if you're working in Linux. Alex advised - unhappily advised, I must add - using a Windows box as a host for such libs, but that does not seem like an alternative for you. However, I recently perused a lengthy list of sample libraries for popular and other musics "not classical", and I was pleased by the number of vendors who provide plain WAV and/or AIFF files as a supported format. Not very helpful, I know, but it gets closer to the truth of the situation. I hope this reply clarifies it a little more.



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A survey of Linux audio plugins

Posted Jul 15, 2012 3:02 UTC (Sun) by jtc (guest, #6246) [Link]

Thanks, Dave, for taking the time to look into this. From what you said it sounds like my original assumption that there are no practical solutions for high-quality orchestral samples on Linux might be true. (Hopefully, a few years into the future, this will not be the case.) But I should probably do some more research before concluding this is so.

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