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Quotes of the week

One man's idiom is another man's idiocy.
Andrew Morton

Perhaps it's a typo, and was meant to be AArgh64
Jan Ceuleers

Dunno, the moment Apple comes out with their 64-bit iPhone6 (or whichever version they'll go 64-bit) *everyone* will scramble to go 64-bit, for marketing reasons. Code and SoC details will be ported to 64-bit in the usual fashion: in the crudest, fastest possible way.

There's also a technological threshold: once RAM in a typical smartphone goes above 2GB the pain of a 32-bit kernel becomes significant. We are only about a year away from that point.

So are you *really* convinced that the colorful ARM SoC world is not going to go 64-bit and will all unify behind a platform, and that we can actually force this process by not accepting non-generic patches? Is such a platform design being enforced by ARM, like Intel does it on the x86 side?

Ingo Molnar

A number of the developers all went to a climbing gym one evening, and I found myself climbing with another kernel developer who worked for a different company, someone whose code I had rejected in the past for various reasons, and then eventually accepted after a number of different iterations. So I've always thought after that incident, "always try to be nice in email, you never know when the person on the other side of the email might be holding onto a rope ensuring your safety."
Greg Kroah-Hartman
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