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An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review

An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review

Posted Jul 8, 2012 8:00 UTC (Sun) by djao (guest, #4263)
Parent article: An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review

I notice that a lot of the tweaks mentioned in the article can be performed on the stock Ice Cream Sandwich system without requiring the installation of a new rom. In some cases (e.g. numeric battery percentage) it's as easy as installing an app (in this case the "Battery" app). Other customizations like changing the number of rows and columns on the home screen, home screen rotation, removing the search bar, and even kernel performance tweaks are possible as well though they require some degree of command-line fu.

If you want to do these kinds of changes all at once in a user-friendly way then CM or similar is still the way to go. But I find increasingly that the Android versions as shipped by Google are already flexible and powerful enough to do most of what I want to do. This is a good thing as it indicates just how much Android has grown and developed since the early days where mods were required.

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An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review

Posted Jul 12, 2012 1:41 UTC (Thu) by Jannes (guest, #80396) [Link]

Another reason for me to run cm9:

A couple of weeks ago there was an announcement about some significant performance improvement (something like 10% across the board if i remember correctly, I'll try to dig up a link tomorrow) would land in the nightlies in the next few days. I haven't found it in the changelogs, but i guess it should be in there by now.

Subjectively recent nighties do seem more snappy and I'm pretty happy battery life seems to be improving slowly too.

I don't see the KSM setting in my advanced settings anywhere though... Guessing it has been enabled by default now maybe...

An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review

Posted Jul 17, 2012 14:43 UTC (Tue) by TRauMa (guest, #16483) [Link]

That would be the Jellybean update, no?

An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review

Posted Jul 17, 2012 15:26 UTC (Tue) by Jannes (guest, #80396) [Link]

Actually I meant... <dig dig dig>...

Linaro made Android compile using GCC 4.7 ... 30% to 100% improvement.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's in Jelly Bean too. I haven't heard anything about this after the newsflash.

Anyway (if it's is all true) I find that another nice reason to use CM.

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