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Mandriva community votes for new distribution name

Charles Schulz reports that the Mandriva distribution will get a new name. "Starting now, we have opened a poll that will let you pick the name of the future distribution (and its foundation). In the future, Mandriva as a brand name will remain the name of the company (Mandriva S.A.) but the community itself will have a different name and a different branding, although it is also possible that the brand and the name will keep a tight connection with Mandriva. We had to prepare the available choices; we came up with some names during the meeting in Paris, we also listened to some ideas expressed on the Foundation mailing list. Last but not least we left the possibility to send us suggestions for other names. If a suggestion appears to be really popular we will consider it provided it’s available of course."
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I have a suggestion

Posted Jul 5, 2012 21:34 UTC (Thu) by j16sdiz (guest, #57302) [Link]

Let's call it Mandrake Linux.

I have a suggestion

Posted Jul 5, 2012 21:50 UTC (Thu) by kragil (guest, #34373) [Link]

Mageia is also a nice name.

I have a suggestion

Posted Jul 5, 2012 23:14 UTC (Thu) by adler187 (subscriber, #80400) [Link]

Lycoris has a nice ring to it...

I have a suggestion

Posted Jul 6, 2012 1:29 UTC (Fri) by theophrastus (guest, #80847) [Link]



Posted Jul 6, 2012 4:48 UTC (Fri) by proski (subscriber, #104) [Link]

Like mandrake, physalis is a genus in the nightshades family. Some members of the genus (such as physalis subglabrata) are hallucinogenic, just like mandrake. Let's call the distro Physalix, the final "x" at the end would be in line with names like "UNIX" and "Linux".


Posted Jul 13, 2012 13:07 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

The problem with Physalis is that it is so easily confused with Physalia (the man-o-war) that Wikipedia has a 'not to be confused' note in the Physalia article. I'm not really sure a lethal medusoid is the sort of thing you want a Linux distro to be associated with, even by mistake.

-- or perhaps it's the sort of thing you *do* want to be associated with. I'm not sure.

I have a suggestion

Posted Jul 6, 2012 15:25 UTC (Fri) by man_ls (guest, #15091) [Link]

How about Conectiva? It is simple and suggests of connections between people, and it even rhymes with Mandriva!

Mandriva community votes for new distribution name

Posted Jul 6, 2012 6:24 UTC (Fri) by cmccabe (guest, #60281) [Link]

Beefy miracle.

What's that? It's already taken?

Mandriva community votes for new distribution name

Posted Jul 6, 2012 7:43 UTC (Fri) by danielpf (subscriber, #4723) [Link]

Here is the Mandrake/Mandriva distro family ranking in the distro ranking:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Mageia PClinuxOS Mandriva ROSA
12 months _ _ _ _6 _ _ _ _ 10 _ _ _ _ 18 _ _ 70
_ 6 months _ _ _ _4 _ _ _ _ 10 _ _ _ _ 28 _ _ 39
_ 3 months _ _ _ _3 _ _ _ _ 13 _ _ _ _ 32 _ _ 18
_ 1 month_ _ _ _ _2 _ _ _ _ 12 _ _ _ _ 23 _ _ 31
_ 1 week_ _ _ _ _ _2 _ _ _ _ 14 _ _ _ _ 42 _ _ 47

Numbers speak for themselves, Mandriva has no bright future and should merge with the leader Mageia.

Mandriva community votes for new distribution name

Posted Jul 6, 2012 11:30 UTC (Fri) by ovitters (subscriber, #27950) [Link]

Mageia just released a new version. In any case, I find distrowatch numbers to be arbitrary, just indicates it is popular on distrowatch, rest should be proven.

I'm sharing the x86_64 Mageia 2 dvd. Currently at a ratio of 50, seems to have reached that ratio way quicker than Mageia 1 (was at 200 or so when Mageia 2 came out).

It would be nice to compare the download numbers for Mageia and Mandriva (for latter also the number of copies sold).

Mandriva community votes for new distribution name

Posted Jul 6, 2012 14:36 UTC (Fri) by Priscus (subscriber, #72409) [Link]

The grand-parent also forgot Unity (at 42/50/69/68/60 today).
I kind of remember another Russian fork too.
Maybe it was just ROSA under a previous name?

As for the Distrowatch rankings, I agree they are quite akin to IQ: they mostly indicate a distribution's ability to score high on Distrowatch rankings...
On the other hand, they happen to give visibility, which in turn may bring in new users (please note the prudence in this later assertion).

As for Mageia's "recent" release, I must confess I am a bit surprised: it was about a month and a half ago, yet the weekly and monthly rankings remain inordinately high, and do not drop off as abruptly as I expected.
Not that I mind the exposure for my current distribution (in straight succession from my very first Mandrake 5.2 in 1998), but I rather wonder why.
Oh, well...

As for a possible reunification there has been some hard to solve technological drift, such as the rpm4/5 question. Add in a lot of personnal involvement and pride, and you do not drop the towel that easily.

Sic transit gloria Mandrivae.
As long as the spirit survives somewhere...

crystal globe says "this poll was skewed, let's roll another one"

Posted Jul 9, 2012 20:40 UTC (Mon) by gvy (guest, #11981) [Link]

What you kind of remember could be Linux-Mandrake Russian Edition which later became the base for ALT Linux (which is fully decoupled since 2005 along with the custom installer/setup tools; was likely expected to get drowned by PingWinSoft/ROSA since 2009 by some nice IBM/RH folks -- look up NPP quarrels if really interested -- but that didn't happen).

The first poll round's result might get rejected since they didn't even bother to check the associations with the proposed names and "Mandala Linux" reads quite amusing in Russian slang thus a bunch of Russian folks just couldn't stand flashmobbing it (especially when the meaning correlates to the company's image and behaviour quite nicely ever since they fired Duval).

But that way the poll might become yet another fantastic example of incompetence delivered by the current Mandriva (mis)management... it's better to ask then task than to task then ask.

Mandriva community votes for new distribution name

Posted Jul 7, 2012 10:56 UTC (Sat) by jiu (guest, #57673) [Link]

One thing that can be said for them is that they have no lack of bad taste for names. Mandriva was such a bad name! and now the new options are terrible as well. I reckon they should put their efforts into merging their community with the Mageia one.

Mandriva community votes for new distribution name

Posted Jul 10, 2012 6:02 UTC (Tue) by malor (guest, #2973) [Link]

Hey, you could call it Gaelix.

Oh, wait, maybe you can't, since you fired the guy who created your distro.

I'm amazed anyone even considers being associated with that outfit anymore.

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