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Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to everyone!

Posted Jul 5, 2012 7:45 UTC (Thu) by KotH (subscriber, #4660)
Parent article: Updates and an announcement from LWN

I remember the day well, when i read the "end of the road" post. I really didn't like it. LWN was (and still is!) the-one-place-to-go when I wanted some up to date information on what's going on in the Linux world without all the buzzwords and marketing mamobjambo. Now, 10 years later, I am glad LWN still exists and provides this great service to the open source community. I wouldn't mind to have some more information on the internal status of LWN, because for me LWN is a vital source of information which I like and support. If anything like the problems 10 years ago should happen again, I would very much appreciate to know it soon enough to be able to do something about it.

That said, I want to thank everyone working at and for LWN. You are doing each and everyone of your readers (and even those who aren't) a big service. We like you and what you do!

I also want to thank everyone who supported LWN all those years. Without you, LWN would have become history long long ago.

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Thanks to everyone!

Posted Jul 5, 2012 15:48 UTC (Thu) by ortalo (subscriber, #4654) [Link]

I second you.

Thanks to everyone!

Posted Jul 5, 2012 18:12 UTC (Thu) by stevem (subscriber, #1512) [Link]


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