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Harihareswara: Be Bold: An Origin Story

"Be Bold: An Origin Story" is the title of a keynote address by Sumana Harihareswara at the Open Source Bridge conference. She has shared her notes for the talk on how she became an open source contributor. "One of the greatest gifts you can give your children, your employees, the people to whom you are a role model, is the knowledge that some field of endeavor is in a sense No Big Deal. Knowledge -- belief backed up by experience -- that they can do interesting and rewarding projects in it without fear of public embarrassment. I grew up thinking that writing, editing, publishing, public speaking, and community leadership were No Big Deal. I use these lessons in my open source work all the time. We know how to do this."
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Video is available

Posted Jul 4, 2012 18:37 UTC (Wed) by sumanah (subscriber, #59891) [Link]

Thanks for the post, ris. Readers who prefer listening over reading: the twenty-minute video is on YouTube.

Video is available

Posted Jul 13, 2012 21:38 UTC (Fri) by JanC_ (guest, #34940) [Link]

And thanks for telling your story, I'm sure lots of people love(d) to hear/read it! (I certainly did.)

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