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Vinyl cutting on Linux: the real deal (Libre Graphics World)

Libre Graphics World is running a comparison of Linux applications used to drive cutting machines for vinyl, cardstock, and other materials. "Most cutting devices rely on HPGL printer control language and its versions such as CAMM-HPGL (Roland). So the job is, essentially, to take a vector graphics file and convert it to HPGL, then send it to the device along with control commands such as blade speed and pressure." Looks like several options are available, including Inkscape extensions and stand-alone programs.
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Double take

Posted Jul 8, 2012 2:46 UTC (Sun) by Max.Hyre (guest, #1054) [Link]

Surely I'm not the only geezer around old enough to have a first thought ``Oh, neat—now they've got Linux cutting LPs.''

Double take

Posted Jul 8, 2012 4:45 UTC (Sun) by idupree (guest, #71169) [Link]

Nope! I'm in my 20s and that was my first thought, too.

Double take

Posted Jul 19, 2012 14:13 UTC (Thu) by cthart (guest, #4457) [Link]

Haha, 39 y/o here and I thought the same!

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