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Posted Jun 28, 2012 18:14 UTC (Thu) by AutoStatic (guest, #71722)
Parent article: A survey of Linux audio plugins

Fantastic article! Really a great read. Keep 'm coming Dave!

"Fortunately, thanks to some clever reverse-engineering from Javier Serrano Polo's VeSTige project, Ardour3 and QTractor can be compiled with support for native Windows VSTs, and LMMS includes a module that provides a VeSTige-based VST-to-Linux bridge."

Afaik Ardour3, Qtractor and LMMS, when compiled with the VeSTige headers (or with the original Steinberg VST headers), can host native Linux VST plug-ins, so no native Windows VST's.

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Posted Jun 28, 2012 21:35 UTC (Thu) by StudioDave (guest, #84346) [Link]

If you build Ardour3 with the --windows-vst option you get support for native Windows VSTs (i.e. fooplug.dll). As far as I could tell there was no invocation of the Steinberg headers, leading me to believe that A3 is using the VeSTige headers. I built A3 with that option today, but the program segfaults on opening. :)



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