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ICANN adds new gTLDs

ICANN adds new gTLDs

Posted Jun 21, 2012 5:05 UTC (Thu) by butlerm (guest, #13312)
In reply to: ICANN adds new gTLDs by josh
Parent article: ICANN adds new gTLDs

The problem with that idea is that it pollutes the local namespace, something that could be a problem if registries are allowed to associate A records directly with the new gTLDs as well. It is much more convenient to allow "ibm" to refer to a host named ibm if you have one defined, for example, rather than possibly resolve to a top level A record for an ibm gTLD.

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ICANN adds new gTLDs

Posted Jun 21, 2012 6:02 UTC (Thu) by cpeterso (guest, #305) [Link]

The separate .com, .org, .etc namespaces create these identify problems.

The IETF can just reserve a pseudo-TLD like .local. It already reserves .example, .invalid, .localhost, and .test. Mac OS X already self-assigns hostnames like "hostname.local" and, according to this report [1], .local is the fourth most queried TLD.


ICANN adds new gTLDs

Posted Jun 21, 2012 7:05 UTC (Thu) by steveriley (subscriber, #83540) [Link]

That appears to be a cached report from September 2009. Here's the URL that generates a dynamic report for the period beginning seven days (604,800 seconds) before the moment you request it:

It's interesting to observe the changes over almost three years. The range of the graph is almost three times as large. ".local" bubbles up from #5 to #3 (which makes me think that DNS forwarders ought to just drop ".local"). ".home" came out of nowhere to grab fourth place. The number of requests for ".arpa" has declined -- but why? Brazil has overtaken Russia for the most-requested country TLD. And what is up with that crazy ".belkin" TLD -- zillions of home wireless routers, pinging a thing that doesn't exist?

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