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From:  Steven Rostedt <>
To:  LKML <>, RT <>
Subject:  [ANNOUNCE] 3.2.19-rt30
Date:  Wed, 06 Jun 2012 17:18:05 -0400
Message-ID:  <>
Cc:  Thomas Gleixner <>, Carsten Emde <>, John Kacur <>
Archive-link:  Article

Dear RT Folks,

I'm pleased to announce the 3.2.19-rt30 stable release.

This release is just an update to the new stable 3.2.19 version
and no RT specific changes have been made.

(one exception: commit 5d79c6f6 workqueue: skip nr_running sanity check in worker_enter_idle() if trustee is active
  has been reverted. Thanks to Ibrahim Umar for pointing out the
  build failure. The commit was to remove a triggering of a false
  WARN_ON, but it required variables that did not exist in the -rt
  workqueue version. Hopefully we do not see this false positive.)

You can get this release via the git tree at:


  Head SHA1: a0fea1c718c2cd7b168c355e8febe9e670099558

Or to build 3.2.19-rt30 directly, the following patches should be applied:


-- Steve

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