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Quotes of the week

I might be misreading and missing details, though - that code is really as pleasant to read as using warm stale beer to deal with industrial-strength hangover. The kind when you end up spitting out a fly or two, if not a cigarette butt.
Al Viro

You wouldn't want me to say that I think you're right,
it would impudently suggest that I might conceive of you being wrong.
I sigh for your heavy burden.
Hugh Dickins

Complexity is my Sun, and I am the planet that orbits around it.
Steven Rostedt

Thing is, first thing on Monday morning my brain don't work too fast. If I then get to basically reverse engineer a patch because people forgot to mention all the important bits, I get annoyed.
Peter Zijlstra doesn't accept poorly-described patches before Tuesday
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Quotes of the week

Posted Jun 8, 2012 21:44 UTC (Fri) by cesarb (subscriber, #6266) [Link]

Why do the VirtualBox developers avoid upstreaming their kernel module? It would save them maintenance, and is the kind of code which should really have upstream review.

Quotes of the week

Posted Jun 11, 2012 20:54 UTC (Mon) by BenHutchings (subscriber, #37955) [Link]

The last time I discussed this with Greg (which was a few years back), he reckoned it was far too horrible even for staging.

Quotes of the week

Posted Jun 11, 2012 22:00 UTC (Mon) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

The rest of the source tree is even more amusing. Count the number of sets of X private headers and copies of ffmpeg...

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