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KVM: fast page fault

From:  Xiao Guangrong <>
To:  Avi Kivity <>
Subject:  [PATCH v5 0/9] KVM: fast page fault
Date:  Wed, 23 May 2012 16:51:07 +0800
Message-ID:  <>
Cc:  Marcelo Tosatti <>, LKML <>, KVM <>
Archive-link:  Article

This are some changes from Marcelo's review:
- drop SPTE_WRITE_PROTECT bit, now, only one bit is needed to do
  lockless update.

- always atomicly update spte if it can be updated out of mmu-lock.

- flod the judgement of tlb flush into mmu_spte_update(), make the
  code easilyer audited.

Performance result:
- autoest migration test (smp2.Fedora.16.64.migrate.with_autotest.dbench.unix):
                                                   before     after
smp2.Fedora.16.64.migrate.unix                        93      91    +2.1%
smp2.Fedora.16.64.migrate.with_autotest.dbench.unix   218     188   +13.7%

- the benchmark attached is used to measure the resuming time
  after dirty-log
                            before            after
Run 10 times, Avg time:   512466818 ns.      269231261 ns   +47.5%

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