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A ".secure" top-level domain

A ".secure" top-level domain

Posted May 18, 2012 21:17 UTC (Fri) by dafid_b (guest, #67424)
Parent article: A ".secure" top-level domain

Warnings about slightly dodgy (expired or self signed or ?) certs probably trains the user to click faster past future warnings...

This idea could allow some changes to the way the net really works, at least in the part of it that really cares about security (banks, credit card payments, etc).

Given that companies with servers in the .secure domain have opted in, it the becomes reasonable for the browsers to apply rigorous standards to certificates etc. The warnings can instead be errors that can not be clicked past, with automated reporting to the domain registrar of the problem :).

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A ".secure" top-level domain

Posted May 27, 2012 19:46 UTC (Sun) by steffen780 (guest, #68142) [Link]

I think the bigger problem not being addressed in comments is this - what if it works? Then the registrar will effectively be able to ransom any bank and other (supposedly) high-security website owner to pay pretty much any level of fee. This is the kinda thing that's terrible when it happens by accident, why on earth would anyone INTENTIONALLY set up a monopoly for the security of the internet?

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