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kernel: unfiltered netdev rio_ioctl access by users

Package(s):kernel CVE #(s):CVE-2012-2313
Created:May 14, 2012 Updated:December 19, 2012
Description: From the Red Hat bugzilla:

The dl2k driver's rio_ioctl call has a few issues:

  • - No permissions checking
  • - Implements SIOCGMIIREG and SIOCGMIIREG using the SIOCDEVPRIVATE numbers
  • - Has a few ioctls that may have been used for debugging at one point but have no place in the kernel proper.
SUSE SUSE-SU-2015:0812-1 kernel 2015-04-30
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2014:0766-1 Evergreen 2014-06-06
Oracle ELSA-2013-1645 kernel 2013-11-26
Oracle ELSA-2013-2507 kernel 2013-02-28
Red Hat RHSA-2012:1589-01 kernel 2012-12-18
Oracle ELSA-2012-2038 kernel 2012-10-20
Oracle ELSA-2012-2038 kernel 2012-10-19
Red Hat RHSA-2012:1481-01 kernel 2012-11-20
Oracle ELSA-2012-2035 enterprise kernel 2012-09-28
Oracle ELSA-2012-2035 enterprise kernel 2012-09-28
Oracle ELSA-2012-2034 kernel 2012-09-27
Oracle ELSA-2012-2034 kernel 2012-09-28
Oracle ELSA-2012-1304 kernel 2012-09-26
Scientific Linux SL-kern-20120926 kernel 2012-09-26
CentOS CESA-2012:1304 kernel 2012-09-26
Red Hat RHSA-2012:1304-01 kernel 2012-09-25
Red Hat RHSA-2012:1541-01 kernel 2012-12-04
Scientific Linux SL-kern-20120823 kernel 2012-08-23
Oracle ELSA-2012-1174 kernel 2012-08-23
CentOS CESA-2012:1174 kernel 2012-08-22
Ubuntu USN-1530-1 linux-ti-omap4 2012-08-10
Red Hat RHSA-2012:1174-01 kernel 2012-08-21
Ubuntu USN-1493-1 linux 2012-06-29
Ubuntu USN-1492-1 linux 2012-06-29
Ubuntu USN-1491-1 linux-ec2 2012-06-29
Ubuntu USN-1490-1 linux-lts-backport-natty 2012-06-29
Ubuntu USN-1488-1 linux 2012-06-29
Ubuntu USN-1471-1 linux-lts-backport-oneiric 2012-06-12
Fedora FEDORA-2012-7594 kernel 2012-05-15
Fedora FEDORA-2012-7538 kernel 2012-05-13
SUSE SUSE-SU-2012:0736-1 Linux kernel 2012-06-14
Ubuntu USN-1473-1 linux 2012-06-13
SUSE SUSE-SU-2012:0689-1 kernel 2012-06-02
Ubuntu USN-1476-1 linux-ti-omap4 2012-06-15
Ubuntu USN-1474-1 linux-ti-omap4 2012-06-13
Ubuntu USN-1472-1 linux 2012-06-12

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