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An uphill battle for LibreOffice

An uphill battle for LibreOffice

Posted May 8, 2012 8:05 UTC (Tue) by thumperward (guest, #34368)
In reply to: An uphill battle for LibreOffice by rcweir
Parent article: An uphill battle for LibreOffice

> (And btw, I am not new to Apache. I was also a Committer back in 2000, on Apache Xalan)

My apologies.

> In any case, we asked for a list of which CWS's LO wants. We're waiting, patiently, for a response.

Indeed. The response to that list, if and when it comes, will be a key moment.

> 3. If you check our version control logs I think find that not a single commit has been made by the Symphony team in Beijing. So your assertion that the "vast majority of actual developer[s]...appear to be Chinese IBM staff" is false.

We're talking about public perception of who is in charge of the project, as perceived from the mailing list (which, for Apache projects, is the canonical source for activity). A large number of IBM staff arriving after you raised a call on the list asking about contributors' experience with the codebase (the parent message to most of the previously-linked mails) certainly reinforces that perception. I'm not sure what it says if none of them have actually contributed any code to AOO.

> But what if it were true? Do you have a problem with Chinese engineers or something?

Certainly not. However, *if* it were true, then that would rather confirm that the project were being primarily driven and developed by IBM, as opposed to the community-led (vendor-sponsored, certainly, but within a broader developer ecosystem) LibreOffice.

> 4. As for your statement that "I have not seen evidence to that effect" that other Chinese companies are involved, this would only be true if you have not read the list in the last week, where we had a huge set of introductions by such developers. Perhaps you missed these *43 posts*:

As a matter of fact I had. It's encouraging that there is at least one other vendor working on AOO.

> 5. As for promises of code not being the same as code, that is undeniably true. So I assume that in a couple of weeks when the code is actually contributed, you'll be gracious and give us credit for carrying out that promise?

Certainly. A release of that magnitude would be a huge boon and IBM would be rightly praised for it.

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