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Cybersecurity and CISPA

Cybersecurity and CISPA

Posted May 3, 2012 15:59 UTC (Thu) by smoogen (subscriber, #97)
In reply to: Cybersecurity and CISPA by drag
Parent article: Cybersecurity and CISPA

What I find funny in such comments is that overall the Federal government has less power over people than state and local governments or even corporations.. and the lion share of corruption is there. However people seem to focus on a bogeyman far away than the monster in their own closet.

[I say this after looking at the size of and scope of tracking that the NYC intelligence agency has over the people of New York State. Or the amount of control that the oligarchy of AT&T and Comcast have over people's information. Most state governments have more ability to "watch" over their citizens at checkpoints, data taps, and have less oversight than even the most corrupt sections of the Federal Government (Interior Department) has. ]

The main item is that always going on about the Feds misses where a lot of the real problems occur.

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Cybersecurity and CISPA

Posted May 4, 2012 1:39 UTC (Fri) by drag (guest, #31333) [Link]

One of the major differences is that if a state government is being evil then you can just move to another state. This is a far more effective manner to control the behavior of the state then democracy because it affects their tax base, and this is something they actually do care about.

AS far as corporations like ATT and Comcast it is important to realize that:
The USA is a mild-moderate level fascist state. Fascism, being a right wing off-shoot from socialism, is were you have corporate and labor interests working together as part of the government to direct and control the economic activities of the country. Which exactly describes how this country is ran today. The biggest difference between now and Italy of the 1930's is that instead of a single dictator power is divided up between two major political dynasties.

Companies like ATT would of never existed and gotten large if it was not for direct collusion with government interests. Things like regional monopoly grants, special legal privileges, grant money, FCC, patents, and so on and so forth they could not be what they are today.

Now I am not saying that corporations are your friends or that State governments are easy to control. Pointing out that things other then the Federal government are terrible does not make the Federal government any less terrible.

What I _AM_ saying is that CISPA is fucking evil and if it passes the Federal government will abuse it at every opportunity for political and economic reasons and it will do nothing to help make us safer.

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