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Distribution quotes of the week

It's more important to stop wasting the time (at BSP's [bug squashing parties], by the release team, by QA team, by ftpmaster) of more active teams/maintainers on rubbish which does not deserve the *privilege* of being in Debian.
-- Neil Williams

A couple of times I've said "It looks like you could use some help. Would you like me to co-maintain with you?" and have generally gotten a positive response. If it's put in terms of "Looks like you're busy, I can help" and not "You suck and should be fired so I can take over" people seem to be pretty open to it.
-- Scott Kitterman
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Distribution quotes of the week

Posted Apr 21, 2012 9:57 UTC (Sat) by vachi (guest, #67512) [Link]

I've never seen Mr. Scott, but now I have an image in my mind that he looks like clippy :-)

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