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Leo 4.10 released

From:  "Edward K. Ream" <>
Subject:  ANN: Leo 4.10 final released
Date:  Thu, 29 Mar 2012 06:57:40 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article

Leo 4.10 final is now available at:

Leo is a text editor, data organizer, project manager and much more.

Leo 4.10 contains 9 months of intense work on Leo. Several very
features are subtle; you could almost call them Easter Eggs, so please
the following notes carefully.

The highlights of Leo 4.10:

* Dozens of new and improved features and commands, including...
  - Tab completion now shows all @command & @button nodes.
  - Leo tabs may be detached from the main window.
  - The Open With menu now works.
  - The leoInspect module answers questions about Python code.
  - Leo can highlight the pane containing the focus.
  - The bigdash plugin searches across multiple files.
  - Improved abbreviation capabilities.
  - Improved handling of URL's.
  - Improved editing of non-Leo files.
  - Improvements create "weightless" unit testing.
  - Improved Leo's home page.
* Easier installation on MacOS.
* Fixed almost 70 bugs.

The Easter Eggs

1. Tab completion now shows all @command & @button nodes.

Put all your common scripts in @command nodes in myLeoSettings.leo.
Typing <Alt-X>@c<Tab> will remind you of the names of these scripts.
You can execute the scripts by name without the "@command-" prefix.

2. Improved abbreviation capabilities.

Virtually any kind of abbreviation is possible. For example, ~a to ã.

3. Improved handling of URL's.

URL's can be used as links to other Leo outlines.

4 Weightless unit testing.

The mantra is edit, alt-4 (run-marked-unit-tests-externally), edit,
alt-4,... Several seemingly innocuous changes made this work without
"friction". The result is a remarkable increase in productivity.


Edward K. Ream
Edward K. Ream email:

        Support the Python Software Foundation:

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Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 4, 2012 19:52 UTC (Wed) by donbarry (guest, #10485) [Link]

It doesn't send and receive mail yet but I'm sure that's right around the corner...

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 4, 2012 19:58 UTC (Wed) by vonbrand (guest, #4458) [Link]

I had been wondering if {x,}emacs was over the top already, but a music player in your IDE sure is way overkill...

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 4, 2012 20:25 UTC (Wed) by nteon (subscriber, #53899) [Link]

I've been using pianobar.el to stream pandora through emacs for the past half year, it works quite well!

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 4, 2012 22:15 UTC (Wed) by cmccabe (guest, #60281) [Link]

What, no systemd integration! :)


Posted Apr 4, 2012 23:20 UTC (Wed) by dowdle (subscriber, #659) [Link]

Kind of reminds me of Leechcraft which, while it isn't an IDE, it is a multi-use program. It has plugins for web-browser, text-editing, instant messaging, and a few other things, in a single tabbed application. I'm sure someone could add an IDE plutgin for it so it can do that too... as well as multi-media. I saw Leechcraft appear in the Fedora repos recently and had to see what it was... and discovered it is a do everything Internet client. Leechcraft is kind of neat but it didn't have tab grouping so I didn't consider it serious for web browsing.

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 5, 2012 0:04 UTC (Thu) by dannyobrien (subscriber, #25583) [Link]

I used Leo as my main editor for a number of months a few years ago. I'd describe it as a MORE-style outliner for people interested in Literate Python programming. Just as Dave Winer pretty much lives out of the sequels to his Frontier outliner, you can happily live out of Leo.

I ended up being drawn back into Vim, but for those of you who like a kitchen-sink environment, it's a great little community. It reminded me a little of the Smalltalk world -- people for whom the close integration of many different elements was a pro rather than a con, and one which trumped the smaller nature of the world they worked within.

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 5, 2012 0:12 UTC (Thu) by slashdot (guest, #22014) [Link]

It seems it's a Python clone of Emacs...

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 5, 2012 19:38 UTC (Thu) by deepfire (guest, #26138) [Link]

As someone who spent several weeks trying to make a customized environment
out of Leo, I must say something rather sad.

1) The absolutely wonderful concept that Leo is built around..
2) completely mitigated by the horrible quality of code.

This is The single reason why usage of Leo didn't grow exponentially
among the tinkerers, if you ask me.

Even the documentation is rather fairly good.

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 5, 2012 19:41 UTC (Thu) by deepfire (guest, #26138) [Link]

I was actually going to utter a stronger "castrated", but that sounded
too irreversible.

The idea of an obstacle effectively neutering any creative impulse still

Leo 4.10 released

Posted Apr 7, 2012 20:56 UTC (Sat) by thyrsus (subscriber, #21004) [Link]

I heartily agree, which is why I'm trying to re-implement it in my Copious Spare Time. On the one hand, it's so wonderful an idea that it needs to be reimplemented. On the other hand, at my current rate of progress, expect an announcement in the 2020's.

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