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That way lies madness

That way lies madness

Posted Apr 3, 2012 20:49 UTC (Tue) by ibukanov (subscriber, #3942)
In reply to: That way lies madness by Richard_J_Neill
Parent article: The x32 system call ABI

> Given that x86 accesses memory 32-bits at a time anyway,

On modern CPU memory is addressed internally by cache lines that are typically 16-32-64 bytes in size. On x86 the byte access is just as fast as 32-bit access. Moreover, misaligned access to 32-bit values is allowed and is not costly as long as the variable does not cross the cache line boundary.

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That way lies madness

Posted May 21, 2012 15:08 UTC (Mon) by mikemol (subscriber, #83507) [Link]

For basic instructions, yes. Take a look at the SSE instructions; while there are unaligned and aligned versions for several, the aligned versions will carry better performance.

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