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Brewtarget: Hop into Beer Brewing with Open Source ( has an interview with Philip Lee about his Brewtarget project. Brewtarget helps homebrewers create and manage their recipes. "Right after I got into homebrewing in 2008, I was looking for open source beer tools for Linux, and I found QBrew, but after looking at its implementation and contemplating whether to extend it or start from scratch, I decided I could do better by starting from scratch. I made some simple attempts early in 2008, but didn't get very far, and resorted to calculating recipes by hand. I'm actually glad I did this, because after doing this for about a year, I learned all the math I would need to make a piece of software, plus some extra. The serious work started in December 2008, when I was sitting at home over the holidays – I was, and still am, a grad student – and had some free time to kill."
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Brewtarget: Hop into Beer Brewing with Open Source (

Posted Mar 13, 2012 9:57 UTC (Tue) by giggls (subscriber, #48434) [Link]

I will probably never understand why a Software would be needed for something simple as a brewing recipe. I manage my brewing recipes by means of a static HTML page :)

However, quite the opposite holds true IMO for the actual process automation at least if a traditional german multi-rest mashing is used.

For this purpose (multi-rest mashing) I just recently coded a software (written in C) capable of running on any embedded Linux system and a platform independent Web 2.0 frontend.

As this might also be of interest in this context here is the Link to my Website:

(domain written in punycode to prevent problems with umlauts,
in prosa this is http://fangobrä

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