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Are we really chasing the right issue?

Are we really chasing the right issue?

Posted Mar 7, 2012 17:22 UTC (Wed) by mpr22 (subscriber, #60784)
In reply to: Are we really chasing the right issue? by IkeTo
Parent article: Short sleeps suffering from slack

4. Write your program with a client/daemon architecture. The daemon can be activated as root by the system's daemon-managing services, then drop its privileges once it has given itself a real-time scheduling class. The client connects to the daemon via a socket, then sits in a blocking read() waiting for the once-a-second heartbeat packets from the daemon. If the daemon doesn't currently have any clients, it can just sit in a blocking accept() call until one shows up.

Admittedly this stops people on machines they don't administer from installing and using your application. However, if the user isn't trusted to have administrative access to the system, they probably shouldn't be self-installing applications that require policy violations to work as expected anyway.

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