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Quotes of the week

In the Olden Days, we could easily spot code which needed auditing simply by looking at the (lack of) coding style. But then someone decided that the most important attribute of good code was the nature of the whitespace within it. And they wrote a tool.

For a while, this made it really hard for us maintainers to tell which incoming patches we should actually read! Fortunately, the Anti-whitespace crusaders have come full circle: we can now tell newbie coders by the fact that they obey

-- Rusty Russell

The Linux kernel project has some serious and ongoing structural problems and I think it's very important that as a project we [Debian] keep our options open.
-- Ian Jackson

UIO provides a framework that actually works (unlike all of the previous research papers were trying to do), and is used in real systems (laser welding robots!) every day, manufacturing things that you use and rely on.

You remove UIO at the risk of pissing off those robots, the choice is yours, I know I'm not going to do it...

-- Greg Kroah-Hartman

80 column wraps are almost always not a sign of lack of screen real estate, but a symptom of lack of thinking.
-- Ingo Molnar
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