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Distribution quotes of the week

Now, if you're some kind of trouble-making, commie, tin foil hatted conspiracist, you might even think that this might be Fedora 17 Alpha RC1.

This is both laughably naive and treasonous! Purge such thoughts from your mind immediately. Now. I'm warning you. My friends at Google will let me know if you haven't.

-- Adam Williamson

One of the Board's goals for the F16/F17 timeframe is: "It is extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora Project."

I would argue that, right now, that it is Extraordinarily Difficult to get anything DONE in the Fedora Project.

-- Robyn Bergeron

I believe we put far too much burden on folks trying to get things done...

Sadly I think that because no one person can do everything on their own, and there's this expectation that they should somehow figure out how to make it happen, to have the vision, leadership, organization, coding & design & writing skills when they can't possibly have all of that.

Note how the open source community as a whole has this emphasis on 'rock stars.' Well, yes, the people who get things done are 'rock stars' because you have to be to get anything done! This is not a *good* thing!!

-- Máirín Duffy
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