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Usage data is not the problem!

Usage data is not the problem!

Posted Feb 17, 2012 10:09 UTC (Fri) by job (guest, #670)
Parent article: Tracking users

Dear Mozilla people, if you believe what you need is more data, that is a sure sign your organization is rotten with group-think.

It is trivial to get the data you need: Try it yourself. Chrome is more responsive. The user interface is a lot more no-nonsense. Chrome is to Firefox like Firefox was to Navigator.

Firefox became bloated along the way. Nothing was done to combat the obvious memory leaks while more features were added. After the awesome bar and the new history mechanism startups became very slow. The browser was reskinned for every release as this was thought to please Windows users. No one wanted to fix the old issues which was brought up again and again.

You don't have to believe me. Try it yourself. Or read any forum on the Internet where users bascially reinforce their beliefs against one another. I know that the memory usage situation improved significantly over the last few releases, but habits are inertia. Had these improvements been made years ago you would not be in the situation today. Instead these problems were defensively belittled until no one reported them anymore.

Chrome had to be the better browser in order to get users to switch and recommend it to others. Now Firefox must be better than Chrome in order to do the same thing. That will not be easy, and your best hope is for Chrome to deviate from its chosen path and for you to play the community card right. The first step would be to listen to your users, keep improving the memory situation and generally stay on top of things.

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