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Distribution quotes of the week

Last but not least, I’m also thankful for Red Hat, and their continued support on behalf of Fedora, and for the great trust they place in the Fedora community. I could go on and on about the relationship between Red Hat and Fedora, but let me just say that I’m thankful for Red Hat’s continued efforts to do the right thing and to practice what it preaches about open source communities. During my tenure at FPL, I never once felt pressured by Red Hat to do anything that wasn’t in the community’s best interest, and I think that says volumes about a corporate sponsor.
-- Jared Smith

Being FPL [Fedora Project Leader] is sort of like landing the part of The Doctor in Doctor Who. Each FPL brings a different personality to the role, and each FPL has their own particular talents. Also, the job isn't held too long by any one person, as the FPL usually goes on to new adventures after a few years. (Red Hat says there's no set tenure for an FPL, but it's usually two or three years since Max Spevack held the job during the Fedora 5 through 9 releases.) Sadly, no sonic screwdrivers or time travel are involved.
-- Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (by way of

Technology generally suffers by something like the uncertainty principle: you can have everything well tested and ultra-stable, or you can have all the features and support for new hardware. But you cannot have both. While Fedora is something different to all of us, I think one thing is clear: that Fedora should have things First, that's our motto, and that means that not everything is as well tested as it is in RHEL or CentOS. Accepting this means that we will always have a few hiccups before things have stabilized perfectly. It's a necessary part of the game, and it won't change in the future either. As long as we decide that Fedora is where things should be available first this will stay the same.

You can't have a pony and eat it too.

-- Lennart Poettering
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Distribution quotes of the week

Posted Feb 18, 2012 0:13 UTC (Sat) by Rudd-O (guest, #61155) [Link]

This Reind Harald fellow in the mailing list thread is dumb as rocks. Take for example his "Change for the sake of change" -- he clearly has **no clue** and **no interest** about the rationales for the changes he is bitching about, which have been *extensively* documented and debated in *many* places. He is clearly a troll, yet people continue to respond to his harangues in the mailing list.

We definitely need a distributed killfile.

Distribution quotes of the week

Posted Feb 23, 2012 10:39 UTC (Thu) by ovitters (subscriber, #27950) [Link]

Why go for a distributed if you can have a moderator strong enough to actually take action.

Pretty easy to mention (as moderator) that it has been discussed to death, so no new emails are needed and you're closing the thread or asking the person to stop bring it up.

If person doesn't, set moderation bit. That at least slows things down a lot.

If the community is big enough, there will be enough people to discuss the same things over and over again. To keep people from unsubscribing, you have to watch out that the mailing list is a friendly place (repeating discussions = tiring).

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