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POHMELFS returns

POHMELFS returns

Posted Feb 9, 2012 13:24 UTC (Thu) by jackb (guest, #41909)
In reply to: POHMELFS returns by nix
Parent article: POHMELFS returns

Some people have great experiences with NFSv4. My experience has been that it's easy to encounter obscure bugs.

About a month ago I went through a period in which running emerge on any client on a network in which /home and /usr/portage is hosted on an NFS server would randomly trigger lockd errors on all the other clients, requiring a hard reboot to resolve.

Then after a few weeks the problem went away. I'm not sure which update (kernel, nfs-utils, portage, or some other dependency) resolved the problem. I didn't change any configuration during this time. That basically describes my experience with NFS - it's good when it works but it's also prone to mysterious and inexplicable problems from time to time.

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