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Distribution quotes of the week

The solution to "My kernel update doesn't boot" should be "Automatically detect that that happened, give the user that information and fall back to the old kernel", not "Always show the user a menu that they almost always don't care about". Solve the actual problem.
-- Matthew Garrett

And so, I intend to wear those shoes proudly. While I don’t plan on following in the footsteps of anyone (because, you know, that would be walking in circles, which isn’t highly productive), I do aspire to step with the same spirit that those before me have — honestly, transparently, communicative-ly (new word!), with humor, and with care. And I aspire to Get Stuff Done, sans red tape.
-- Robyn Bergeron

Anyhow, while I am looking forward to playing around with Debian Wheezy, the current Debian testing branch, I can foresee Squeeze and my #! Statler builds remaining on a couple of my boxes for a good while yet. IMHO, the release still has plenty of legs left in it, even if some people consider it only fit for servers. Troglodytes!
-- Philip Newborough
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Distribution quotes of the week

Posted Feb 12, 2012 17:58 UTC (Sun) by BradReed (subscriber, #5917) [Link]

If I am updating my kernel and it doesn't boot, then I almost always will want to fix my kernel and will want to boot into a run-level 1 or 3. I most definitely will not want to boot into a full-blown desktop environment. I'm not a Fedora user user though, maybe Fedora users would want that.

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