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Betrayed by a bitfield

Betrayed by a bitfield

Posted Feb 7, 2012 23:32 UTC (Tue) by daglwn (guest, #65432)
In reply to: Betrayed by a bitfield by chrisV
Parent article: Betrayed by a bitfield

> And if you get false sharing between two free-standing variables where the > one being operated on is marked volatile, or between fields of a struct
> where the struct is marked volatile, there is a compiler bug.

No, there isn't.

There isn't. Really.

Volatile does not mean what you think it means.

It's a bit like sequential consistency. Just when you think you understand it, something unexpected happens that is both non-intuitive and perfectly legal.

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Betrayed by a bitfield

Posted Feb 8, 2012 15:24 UTC (Wed) by daglwn (guest, #65432) [Link]

Seeing some of your other posts about -pthread, I think we are in agreement. Apologies if I mischaracterized your understanding.

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