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The case for the /usr merge

The case for the /usr merge

Posted Jan 31, 2012 15:07 UTC (Tue) by vonbrand (guest, #4458)
In reply to: The case for the /usr merge by pr1268
Parent article: The case for the /usr merge

Mulehockey! That smacks of merely wishing to copy Solaris. If the FreeDesktop devs wish to merge /usr then do so on technical merits, NOT because they want Linux to be "just like Solaris".

Have you looked at this reason only, or have you considered all the ones forwarded for this? AFAICS, it is mentioned more in the line of "It is also nice that...", not as the reason behind the move.

Copying someone else sounds like what that OS company from Redmond has done for the past 28 years. I thought Linux was better than that.

You give MSFT too little credit. They did invent/create some cool, new stuff (the idea of an interoperable office suite comes to mind) and are in a large measure responsible for the standardization (as it stands) of PC hardware. Sure, they made gargantuan blunders on the way too, and now can't for the life of them get rid of the fallout. That they didn't play nice with others isn't exactly their behaviour alone, BTW.

Besides, the fabled GNU project was to be a drop-in replacement for Unix (even though RMS didn't like that system at all), so all Linux distributions are just "copying somebody else." Get over it, ideas worth copying will get copied; one just hopes not too much crap comes along for the ride.

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