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XFS: the filesystem of the future?

XFS: the filesystem of the future?

Posted Jan 28, 2012 2:48 UTC (Sat) by sbergman27 (guest, #10767)
In reply to: XFS: the filesystem of the future? by dlang
Parent article: XFS: the filesystem of the future?

"today most SSD drives internally act as if they are a raid set"

Maybe. But SSD drives act, externally, as 1 drive. A single drive with excellent seek time and a sometimes very good data rate. If the drive can do parallelization of a single stream of data that means the FS and block i/o layers don't have to be so fancy. +1 for EXT4.

Regarding multiple threads writing... do you really think media player streaming and word processor saving state is going to require a half gig a second via 5+ threads for extended periods in the near future? If so, I think I'll go dust off my TV and typewriter. +1 for Magnavox and Royal.

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