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The case for the /usr merge

The case for the /usr merge

Posted Jan 27, 2012 2:28 UTC (Fri) by arjan (subscriber, #36785)
Parent article: The case for the /usr merge

I completely agree with this; in fact, for the OS I am working on, I already did this quite some time ago.....
(with various RPM macro glues and some auto-packaging tricks to cope with apps that still install stuff in the old places)

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The case for the /usr merge

Posted Jan 27, 2012 8:52 UTC (Fri) by kju (guest, #61936) [Link]

Have some more details about the "OS you are working on"? I'm dreaming of something I call "legacy free linux" for so long (e.g. getting rid of things like /etc/passwd which are no longer strictly necessary since the advent of thinks like nss and pam).

The case for the /usr merge

Posted Jan 27, 2012 11:40 UTC (Fri) by kragilkragil2 (guest, #76172) [Link]

AFAIK he was working on Meego, so it might be Tizen now. Not sure though ..

The case for the /usr merge

Posted Jan 27, 2012 14:42 UTC (Fri) by arjan (subscriber, #36785) [Link]

I don't work on Tizen
(and MeeGo is basically dead, I'm not working on that anymore either)

The case for the /usr merge

Posted Sep 26, 2017 18:22 UTC (Tue) by pgagne (guest, #118775) [Link]

I too have thought of something like this in the back of my head. I was more thinking about device and protocol support and not including "legacy" items (which would require defining what that meant) from the kernel and userland (sort of what you were suggesting).

For example the kernel build would not include support for things like SATA (replaced by NVMe), old school bios (UEFI only), etc. Even going so far as removing IPv4 support in kernel and userland in favor of IPv6 only everywhere.

Clearly this would be a largely academic project, and would probably only boot on specialized hardware or in a VM, but I think it would provide an interesting testbed for certain projects.

The case for the /usr merge

Posted Jan 27, 2012 10:49 UTC (Fri) by zdzichu (subscriber, #17118) [Link]

"The OS you are working on" definitely needs more publicity!

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