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Editorial section?

Editorial section?

Posted Jan 26, 2012 0:30 UTC (Thu) by jake (editor, #205)
In reply to: Editorial section? by nevets
Parent article: A /proc/PID/mem vulnerability

> Jake, this article has a bit more "opinion" in it than just the facts.

I think it is not uncommon for our articles to offer an opinion, so long as it's clearly separated from the factual part. I think this is. And, no, I'm not at all comfortable with seeing information on bugs covered up. I can't really see any upside at all.


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Editorial section?

Posted Jan 26, 2012 0:45 UTC (Thu) by nevets (subscriber, #11875) [Link]

Yeah, I could read that you were uncomfortable with this.

We'll have to discuss it over a beer at ELC in a few weeks ;-)

Editorial section?

Posted Jan 26, 2012 16:07 UTC (Thu) by emk (subscriber, #1128) [Link]

I appreciate LWN's mix of facts and analysis, even on those rare occasions where I disagree with your analysis. You're usually pretty clear about which is which, and you make an effort to get the facts right.

Please keep up the good work. :-)

Editorial section?

Posted Feb 1, 2012 23:01 UTC (Wed) by liljencrantz (guest, #28458) [Link]

A value LWN both for it's unbiased reporting of facts and for it's well reasoned opinions, but (as you say) they must be clearly separated. Unfortuatly, while I happen to agree with your opinion i this case, I kind of feel you kind got it mixed into the facts. The two last paragraphs are clearly opinion, but I could feel the article leading up to that opinion just a few paragraphs into the «The fix and reactions» section, and it seems I'm not the only one.

Remaining completely neutral in situations where you have a strong opinion is (in my opinion) impossible, but I urge you to keep trying.

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