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FOSDEM interviews, part 3

The third set of interviews with speakers from the upcoming FOSDEM conference has been posted; featured this time are Bdale Garbee, Finne Boonen, Guido Trotter, Wim Godden, Garrett Serack, and Renzo Davoli. "The central role of computers and interfaces has disappeared, services are the main focus now. The logical structure of the internet must change as a consequence of this. By the IoTh [Internet of Threads] we mean a structure where the addressable nodes of the internet are, or can also be, processes or even concurrent threads of a process. In the IoTh the definition of an independent networking stack, with its own virtual interfaces, addresses, routing is as simple as the creation of a PF_UNIX socket. It is an 'ordinary business' user-space operation, not a structural and dangerous change, for system administrators only."
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