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Re: [RFC] vtunerc: virtual DVB device - is it ok to NACK driver because of worrying about possible misusage?

From:  VDR User <>
To:  Walter Van Eetvelt <>
Subject:  Re: [RFC] vtunerc: virtual DVB device - is it ok to NACK driver because of worrying about possible misusage?
Date:  Sat, 3 Dec 2011 16:14:06 -0800
Message-ID:  <>
Cc:  Andreas Oberritter <>, Alan Cox <>, HoP <>, Mauro Carvalho Chehab <>,,
Archive-link:  Article

On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 3:30 PM, Walter Van Eetvelt
<> wrote:
>> So you could finally use VDR as a server/client setup using vtuner,
>> right? With full OSD, timer, etc? Yes, I'm aware that streamdev
>> exists. It was horrible when I tried it last (a long time ago) and I
>> understand it's gotten better. But it's not a suitable replacement for
>> a real server/client setup. It sounds like using vtuner, this would
>> finally be possible and since Klaus has no intention of ever
>> modernizing VDR into server/client (that I'm aware of), it's also the
>> only suitable option as well.
>> Or am I wrong about anything?  If not, I know several users who would
>> like to use this, myself included.
> This is the question on how you provide (live)tv content to multiple users
> and devices.
> And I think this goes beyond the simple "second PC in the house" where you
> want to watch TV or recordings.  How can you watch streams from your DVB
> device on your small screen Mobile phone/tablet?  Or stream over the
> internet and watch your last night recording when commuting in the train?
> Some commercial solutions are already available for some scenario's.  Also
> free software solutions support for some scenario's, but I think still too
> limited.
> With that in mind, for me the future is for a client server combination
> that can do proper live TV and recording streaming.
> And technically, a virtual driver is not bringing better user experience
> in the long term I think.  On the contrary, some users would use the
> vtunerc to fill in some of their needs.  This could bring developers to
> work less on client/server application supporting a broader range of use
> cases.

While I agree with your more broad view of the issue, I specifically
talked about VDR.  AFAIK Klaus has no intention of adding true
server/client support to VDR, so for VDR users, this sounds like it
could be a working solution without the strict limitations of

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