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Improving ext4: bigalloc, inline data, and metadata checksums

Improving ext4: bigalloc, inline data, and metadata checksums

Posted Dec 6, 2011 1:06 UTC (Tue) by pr1268 (subscriber, #24648)
In reply to: Improving ext4: bigalloc, inline data, and metadata checksums by eli
Parent article: Improving ext4: bigalloc, inline data, and metadata checksums

Thanks for the suggestion; I'll give it a try sometime if/when I find a corrupt OGG file.

Just to bring some closure to this discussion, I wish to make a few points:

  1. In 13 years of using Linux, I've not once ever experienced data corruption on any filesystem running in Linux (prior to the random OGG errors I encountered a few months ago on ext4 and LVM). This includes ext2, ext3, Reiser(3)fs, and Linux's fat and vfat implementations. (Hardware failures are not included, but I've been fortunate not to have much experience with those.)
  2. My existing hard drives are error-free (according to smartctl -l as suggested above). I have two IDE disks and two SATA disks, all Seagate brand (not that this matters, but I do admire their 5-year warranty).
  3. My OGG files are all on their own filesystem/partition (ext4), for which only root has write privileges, and thus my non-privileged account can't accidentally be writing to this filesystem (or so I'd hope).
  4. I've since created an script which scans the whole filesystem containing the OGG files and reports any errors found to a log.
  5. Running this script lately (within past 1 month or so) has yielded no errors, so I'm wondering if (hoping that) this is some weird anomaly which has passed.
  6. Any errors experienced on the OGG filesystem would imply the possibility of similar errors on my / filesystem (which includes /home), but I haven't noticed any such errors as of yet (and I hope that none exist!).
  7. I'm all too eager to blame this on ext4 or LVM (or the combination of both), but I'm equally eager to blame this on some strange operator error. Trust me, I'm good at creating these!

Many thanks to everyone's discussion above; I always learn a lot from the comments here on LWN.

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