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Releasing Samba 4

Releasing Samba 4

Posted Dec 1, 2011 11:32 UTC (Thu) by jengelh (subscriber, #33263)
In reply to: Releasing Samba 4 by trasz
Parent article: Releasing Samba 4

*nod* *nod*. One big fat program-process is so DOS-era-ish. Many system daemons, e.g. cups, postfix, other MTAs, split up in some form, either for reasons of pluggability, better scheduling, selective restart, or in fact debuggability. In fact, even desktop environments do that. XFCE, KDE, even icewm, is not a single process.

I recall that 5-7 years ago, smbd subprocesses could go into an infinite loop ("Transport endpoint not connected" over and over and visibility in top(1)) if a Windows client suddenly disconnected in some form. Were samba, or even just smbd, a single process - it would have been hard to kill the thread. Were samba/smbd just one thread - it would have taken down the entire fileserving.

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Releasing Samba 4

Posted Dec 1, 2011 13:59 UTC (Thu) by pj (subscriber, #4506) [Link]

Yeah, it sounds to me like they don't need to so much to integration into one big process as they need to integrate them all into a common message bus or something. D-Bus springs to mind, but standardizing on any kind of IPC would be a win - then they can all stay separate processes and just... talk to each other.

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