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Optimize for desktop

Optimize for desktop

Posted Nov 17, 2011 20:32 UTC (Thu) by Velmont (guest, #46433)
Parent article: Huge pages, slow drives, and long delays

Optimize for desktop/laptop users. The server people already know how to tweak their system for what they want.

sysctl-knob, yes, yes, yes.

I hate that this is getting pushback. I hope it's the kind "yes we need this, but in another way" and not the "no, we don't want this unless it doesn't hurt us at all".

Really, really. The HPC-crowd, Google et al; they have the resources to configure their systems. Let them.

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Optimize for desktop

Posted Nov 17, 2011 21:01 UTC (Thu) by Ben_P (guest, #74247) [Link]

A quick google didn't turn up anything, can sysctl parameters be cgroup specific? If we should be separating of applications into cgroups anyway, this seems like a nice place for this type of mm tuning.

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