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browser integration?

browser integration?

Posted Nov 10, 2011 21:57 UTC (Thu) by Per_Bothner (subscriber, #7375)
Parent article: A Periodic Table of password managers

A large fraction of the passwords most of us use a for web sites. And of course most browsers have their own password-managers. Ideally, one would like to set the browser's password manager to use an external general-purpose password-manager. Or a browser password-manager that can be more general-purpose (which includes import and export). For example I know that keepass has tolerable browser-integration, but it's not as nice as the browser's native password manager, so most people will prefer the latter.

I didn't notice anything in the article or comments about this important usability aspect. Any comments or recommendations?

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browser integration?

Posted Nov 11, 2011 3:38 UTC (Fri) by linuxturtle (guest, #35652) [Link] Unfortunately it's not FOSS, but it's cross-platform, integrates with the browser, has broad mobile device support, has provisions to protect against keyloggers, offers dual-factor authentication and one-time password support, and on and on.. The main downside to using it for years is how utterly dependent I've become on it..

browser integration?

Posted Nov 14, 2011 14:10 UTC (Mon) by sorpigal (subscriber, #36106) [Link]

That's a major down side and one without a good solution. Pherhaps you could try; they offer a standalone version you can self host (haven't tried it yet).

Ultimately the solution to this has got to be a FOSS online password manager with a slew of nice features (two factor auth, various integration, etc) so that I don't have to trust a third party host and get a network-accessible password safe.

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