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Machiavelli the troll

Machiavelli the troll

Posted Nov 10, 2011 0:24 UTC (Thu) by man_ls (guest, #15091)
In reply to: Ubuntu focuses on mobile devices by tshow
Parent article: Ubuntu focuses on mobile devices

My sources tell me that Machiavelli was just trolling, and it completely fits with what the book actually says. Pity that your prof didn't grind this particular axe, as is sadly not a reputable source.

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Machiavelli the troll

Posted Dec 3, 2011 0:44 UTC (Sat) by Pageofswords (guest, #81668) [Link]

Actually, Rosseau was the first to propose that Machiavelli was, in fact, a troll. But also exposed by, Rosseau was a complete jackass. Not exactly a reputable source either. To most scholars, the "troll" theory is pretty much equal with "Machiavelli the immoral", "Machiavelli the amoral" (he was a pragmatic and a scientist, who didn't believe in what he wrote but wrote it how it was), and "Machiavelli the new moralist". Cracked probably should have mentioned these possibilities, but no matter how informative it is it's still a comedy website.

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