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Martus: Software for human rights groups

Martus: Software for human rights groups

Posted Oct 20, 2011 6:56 UTC (Thu) by Cato (subscriber, #7643)
Parent article: Martus: Software for human rights groups

Since Linux is not one of the recommended platforms, a few points about Windows security:

* there are widely used keyloggers (Zeus banking malware) that take screenshots on mouse-clicks, precisely to target on-screen keyboards. However this may help against some keyloggers.

* Secunia PSI is a little-used free-as-in-beer security tool - it scans all applications for vulnerabilities and flags those that need updating. It also does the updates for certain common applications. I wish Linux had this for non-repository applications, though of course sticking to distro packages reduces the risk.

* Cloud-based antivirus such as PrevX (free as in beer) is to some extent based on whitelisting - it generates a hash of all executables and only consults the cloud service for those that are news. Some cloud services such as Google's Safe Browsing use automated tools to download potential malware, run it in a clean VM, and detect undesirable changes on the machine, in order to classify it.

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Martus: Software for human rights groups

Posted Oct 25, 2011 12:44 UTC (Tue) by jeff.k (guest, #81002) [Link]

Thanks for the pointers, Cato. We don't use Windows much ourselves, but almost all of our users do, so we try to keep up to date on Windows malware and other security threats. Pointers to info on current threats and to free tools like these that we can check out and potentially recommend to our users are useful.

In case anybody else is interested, here are the links: Zeus, Secunia PSI, PrevX

Martus: Software for human rights groups

Posted Oct 25, 2011 16:16 UTC (Tue) by Cato (subscriber, #7643) [Link]

I forgot to say that Prevx is a free antivirus until you find malware, but at that point you could use another free tool such as Malwarebytes or maybe AVG to find and remove it. Because Prevx is partly whitelist-based it should be good at finding unusual malware, like some other cloud antivirus products (I think Norton does this now as well).

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