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Fifteen years of KDE

Fifteen years of KDE

Posted Oct 19, 2011 14:33 UTC (Wed) by boudewijn (subscriber, #14185)
In reply to: Fifteen years of KDE by aryonoco
Parent article: Fifteen years of KDE

"KDE 3 was the golden age indeed."

The grass was always greener in the past, when we were young and still had waists... Oh, for the golden days of yesteryear, when beer still came 33cl bottles instead of 30cl and small furry creatures from alpha centauri were still properly small and furry.

"I don't have any research to back this up with, but my own anecdotal feelingis that KDE went from being the preferred choice of over 70% of Linux desktop users in 2004, to less than 30% now."

That might be true, or not, nobody has any realistic numbers, but it could be true. If so, I doubt it's KDE4 that caused the decline -- but rather the growth of Ubuntu which shipped Gnome. On the other hand, the KDE developer communities has grown and grown and grown since the KDE 4 effort began, and usually, a developer community grows with the user community and contracts with the user community.

"I still lament the fact that no community sprung around KDE 3.5 to fork it."

There is: -- and they even are porting KDE 3 to Qt4 _again_. And you know what? The KDE community doesn't bear them _any_ ill will. Trinity is even developed right inside KDE's subversion repository.

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Fifteen years of KDE

Posted Oct 19, 2011 15:37 UTC (Wed) by przemoc (subscriber, #67594) [Link]

Trinity being ported to Qt4 is a news to me (I wasn't following their development). But maybe they should wait for Qt5.

There must be QML-backed KDE5 using Qt5 in future, right? ;-)

Fifteen years of KDE

Posted Oct 19, 2011 16:07 UTC (Wed) by boudewijn (subscriber, #14185) [Link]

I see the commits pass by. Basically, they have a kind of layer that makes it possible to compile both against Qt3 and Qt4. I haven't compiled it myself, though -- I'm really happy with KDE 4 myself.

Fifteen years of KDE

Posted Oct 21, 2011 13:31 UTC (Fri) by robbe (subscriber, #16131) [Link]

Debian's popularity contest ( reports 25 % of participants having installed the "gnome" package, 5 % installed "xfce4", 3 % have "kde-full", and 2 % selected "lxde-core".

Fifteen years of KDE

Posted Oct 21, 2011 15:54 UTC (Fri) by mgraesslin (subscriber, #78959) [Link]

kde-full is a meta-package for complete KDE Software Compilation. It is rather useless to measure "kde". I as a Plasma Core developer running debian testing do not have it installed.

Measuring is for KDE of course rather difficult as KDE produces so many different products, just think of Krita compared to Plasma.

Fifteen years of KDE

Posted Oct 25, 2011 6:55 UTC (Tue) by robbe (subscriber, #16131) [Link]

> kde-full is a meta-package for complete KDE Software Compilation.

I am aware of that. So are the other packages mentioned. (Though xfce4 and lxde-core, by their nature, pull in rather less stuff.)

I linked to the source, so you can select other packages and draw your own conclusions. Comparing "gnome-desktop-environment" (30 %) to "kde-plasma-desktop" (8 %) paints a less extreme picture.

Fifteen years of KDE

Posted Oct 27, 2011 10:24 UTC (Thu) by Pawlerson (guest, #74136) [Link]

Last time I checked at linuxquestions KDE was on pair with Gnome. Gnome was so popular, because of Ubuntu and KDE 4.0. Today we have gnome3 mess, Unity and rock stable and polished KDE 4.7.2. Because of these I bet Gnome is less than 20% now.

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