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New URI suggestion

New URI suggestion

Posted Oct 18, 2011 20:59 UTC (Tue) by rich0 (guest, #55509)
In reply to: New URI suggestion by Simetrical
Parent article: Certificates and "authorities"

Agreed, and by forcing an active attack it makes detection and countermeasures possible.

Police could trace cookie theft to some coffee shop, then set up shop in the shop. They'd browse to some site and wait for somebody to MITM their connection (they'd be running software that detects an IP for gmail/facebook/etc that isn't valid). Then they'd capture MAC IDs, camera images, and maybe even use DF to figure out who the culprit is. They'd have probable cause to make an arrest and search a laptop to confirm it was used. Then you nail them to the wall and publicize this. Pretty soon the level of casual hacking goes WAY down.

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