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Integrated color management with colord

Integrated color management with colord

Posted Oct 18, 2011 12:19 UTC (Tue) by oy (guest, #80450)
Parent article: Integrated color management with colord

The article confuses wishful thinking of Hughes with real facts. We wait on the OpenICC list since months for the evidence brought up by Hughes of identical EDIDs being used by different manufacturers for different equipment. That argument comes out of the blue and is not verified by anyone.

About the hard requirement of root rights to obtain user settings was already annotated. IMHO it is dangerous and leads to a fuzzy architecture. Every nonsense can be hidden behind root transforming even the moon into a square. For instance local print settings can not be transported to a remote place by root. The actual user can change. Then the print queue can still have jobs from the old user. Now the root daemon has to decide to use the non logged in user settings or take the actual user with possibly completely different settings. That is confusing. That logic is similar to appending an email to each PNG image in order to describing the belonging ICC profile. But we, and the applications we use, learned to embed the ICC profile right into the PNG. It is much robuster.

A last comment about the used encrypted DB. ArgyllCMS stores its data base inside JSON text files. Oyranos CMS is very likely to join on a common namespace and set of keys.

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