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Posted Oct 10, 2011 0:15 UTC (Mon) by malor (guest, #2973)
In reply to:'s road to recovery by vonbrand
Parent article:'s road to recovery

So I'm supposed to figure out what's in a developer's head and put it in changelogs?

Dude, if I could read minds, I'd be using my superpower in much more interesting ways.

I can't be honest for other people. It is not possible.

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Posted Oct 10, 2011 2:32 UTC (Mon) by vonbrand (guest, #4458) [Link]

I thought you were interested in possible security implications of bugs. What the author of the patch was thinking at the time is irrelevant, she might have been daydreaming of the vacation with her boyfriend when she noticed a potential integer wraparound.'s road to recovery

Posted Oct 10, 2011 22:23 UTC (Mon) by malor (guest, #2973) [Link]

Have you even read the thread? That post strikes me as deliberate misunderstanding.

If a developer knows a bug has a definite security impact, I want to know that. That's all. Nobody else can know what's in his or her head, or read what's on the bug reports that have been submitted.

Be honest about known security implications, instead of hiding them. It's not a difficult request. It probably takes more work to come up with euphemisms to hide the security issue, than it does to just write what they're actually doing.'s road to recovery

Posted Oct 10, 2011 22:25 UTC (Mon) by malor (guest, #2973) [Link]

And why on earth are you fighting me so hard about simple honesty?

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