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Harmattan UI is mostly open source

Harmattan UI is mostly open source

Posted Oct 6, 2011 11:28 UTC (Thu) by tajyrink (subscriber, #2750)
In reply to: Harmattan UI is mostly open source by alison
Parent article: MeeGo becomes Tizen - maybe

"will be open-sourced."

Yes that was a separate mention from the Harmattan UI's open sourceness. I'm semi-happy to see also proprietary UX:s made on top of great FLOSS stack like Linux + + Qt, because they prove a few things on their own part. That said, I don't care about Nokia's possible future plans in that sense that much since I'd also guess that if there's something coming, it'll be less open than Harmattan. But still, it'd be great to see fancy Qt based phones.

"Harmattan isn't really even running on MeeGo, but on Maemo 6."

That's mostly irrelevant, since the free components can anyway incorporated in any (completely) free distribution. And that's why I was speaking about Harmattan, not MeeGo.

"The situation is such a mess and the public code remains incomplete, so I think that no one will touch it"

The lesson with MeeGo should be not to wait for some company magically doing everything right, sticking with one strategy and offering everything on a silver plate. They never do it, business plans and political plans change all the time.

Many pieces of the Harmattan UI are already in use in the MeeGo (Mer) CE UI, which is the nearest to product quality free mobile UI out there at the moment. And it's MeeGo, not Maemo 6, if it matters something. Still more a great base than a complete suite, it's up to us all if we're interested in continuing that great work. So, the code has already been touched.

I have not completely understood the complaints about something being not completely free. If there is something free offered, and it's the best free thing that there is currently, why not work on that instead of just complaining that companies don't do what you want? I do understand advocation, but enough is enough.

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