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The state of Gentoo - A Pretty Good Article

The state of Gentoo - A Pretty Good Article

Posted Oct 2, 2011 6:49 UTC (Sun) by rogerx (guest, #80568)
Parent article: The state of Gentoo

Seems most agree, the attitude of some developers (sounding like kids too young to be in such a position) turned away quite a few volunteers.

I tend to just ignore them myself, as I'm more focused on solving the problem vs. quibbling over who's smarter.

Or, the developer is just misguided and thinks a bad attitude is going to get him/her somewhere in life.

My opinion, try your best to guide them onto the proper path.

Gentoo is still probably the best distribution for developing on as your not subjected to depend restrictions, and can use the latest and greatest package version as you wish. I personally don't like the "live ebuild (CVS/SVN/GIT)" policy of some developers refusing "live ebuilds". I think "live ebuilds" push one of the main features of Gentoo.

Another bump, is getting EBuilds quicker into the Portage tree. There's just too many road blocks for getting something into Portage or Sunrise. I'm wondering if this is a focus of Funtoo (Git based Gentoo). When a group gets together and hacks on an EBuild for weeks, it shouldn't be completely voted-out by seemingly one so-called developer. I've seen many EBuilds (not including my crappy EBuilds), just sit on Gentoo's Bugzilla. However, might deserve to sit due to the source code author's non-standard packaging format, etc...

Also seeing something about installing a RedHat kernel in Funtoo -- wonder if this might have some interest in merging the RedHat SRPMS & Gentoo Portage like structure? However, probably just some whom enjoy the RH kernel RPM spec file. :-/

Just because a distribution is loosing some users doesn't mean it's going belly-up. Might mean it's becoming rock stable and users are getting bored, or are forced by their jobs to use Uputput? Cheers!

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