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Integrated color management with colord

Integrated color management with colord

Posted Sep 30, 2011 17:44 UTC (Fri) by rahvin (subscriber, #16953)
In reply to: Integrated color management with colord by GhePeU
Parent article: Integrated color management with colord

There could be something wrong with hardware you've used but the mostly likely explanation is that you are used to systems running at a much bluer white point than exists in nature. OEM's tend to set the default white point on their hardware to a very blue 6500 or 7500K because it looks better in environments lit with fluorescent lights. People don't realize how distorted it is until they compare it against real world imagery or a properly calibrated display. A properly calibrated display will feel like the whites are yellow hued to start with. After a while of allowing your eyes to adjust when you look at an uncalibrated display you will be astounded how blue the whites are.

My experience is that the manufacturer provided ICC files aren't worth much against spectrometer calibrated displays. And color calibration spectrometers aren't very expensive.

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