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Derived works

Derived works

Posted Sep 27, 2011 21:06 UTC (Tue) by robbe (subscriber, #16131)
Parent article: SmartOS: virtualization with ZFS and KVM

I think Cantrill goes against strawmen here. Obviously, Illumos is not a work derived from KVM. But loading the KVM module into it may very well generate a derived work. If you buy into that, they are giving their customers a copyright-infringement kit. Either you put them on the hook for that (it works for bittorrent trackers...) or just go directly after their customers.

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Derived works

Posted Oct 3, 2011 17:13 UTC (Mon) by filipjoelsson (guest, #2622) [Link]

The GPL2 is a distribution license, not a EULA. What you can do with the source is not regulated at all, unless you distribute the result. So could you please tell us what part of the copyright a user infringes upon by inserting a module?
Now, giving away a running laptop with the KVM may well be infingment, but it seems like a marginal case...

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