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Some Factual Errors

Some Factual Errors

Posted Sep 22, 2011 20:15 UTC (Thu) by mjw (subscriber, #16740)
In reply to: Some Factual Errors by rcweir
Parent article: LibreOffice and Apache one year later

I don't rebut the your assertion that the author's erroneous claims are based on poor research.

That wasn't my assertion. The author showed where he did research and found his facts. Doing a little research at least gives the impression the Apache Office project hasn't really be started yet because of a lack of resources and committers to take up where left. Even the original draft of the September status report says that:

The current committers are not equipped to fully resource the migration of sites and services under Apache OOo incubation. Preservation of the Wiki is in doubt because of resource and support limitations. Cutover of mailing-list and registration/forwarding systems is not resourced at all. The ability to make anticipatory modifications of in preparation for staging is also limited, with volunteer support and administration of the live system possibly eroding.
The article doesn't imply nothing is being done, just that the project still has to start delivering. And it seems at least some participants agree with that assessment. It is good that you recently did setup a tracker, but that was probably done after the article was written, and as you can see it isn't easily discoverable through at least two standard pages about the project. My point simply was that you could fix those pages if you think the conclusions drawn from them is incorrect.

It is appreciated that you are still searching how to setup the project and to find the resources needed to push forward. But you could certainly try to make the facts more easily discoverable. Maybe in year a whole different article will be written, but I do believe the current facts and evidence support what the author writes about the current state of the Apache Office project.

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Some Factual Errors

Posted Sep 22, 2011 21:05 UTC (Thu) by rcweir (guest, #48888) [Link]

"I do believe the current facts and evidence support what the author writes about the current state of the Apache Office project."

The issue tracker is here:

I invite you to click it. I assure you it is there. It has been there for weeks, announced on the Apache list on August 3oth, over two weeks before this article is posted:

If you say that you had difficulties finding this, even though it is linked to from the project's Apache home page, then I am prepared to believe you. But facts are facts. And the fact is the issue tracker is there.

Ditto for the committers since the project started. I accept the you may have been confused. But I've shown you the facts, in the official reports of the project. Facts are facts. And the fact is the article is wrong.


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